Babysitter security vetting & training

To become a full fledged Jaleesa babysitter, applicants must go through our four-step security vetting and training process, developed in conjunction with our panel of supermoms (and dads). The steps are as follows:

1) Sejel 3adleh & ID verification

The sejel 3adleh is a document provided by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces that confirms an applicant’s police record in Lebanon. For the most part, applicants must obtain their own sejel 3adleh (which costs $10 at the ISF office in Furn el Chebbak). Only applicants with a clean record may continue on their path to becoming a Jaleesa babysitter.  

Once an applicant submits a clean sejel 3adleh, they must then submit a copy of their photo ID for our files.

2) Reference interviews & personal interview

Before their profile appears on the Jaleesa website, a Jaleesa staff member contacts two of a babysitter’s references to assess his or her responsibility, experience, and judgement along a 1-3 scale (a score of 3 indicates that the babysitter exceeds Jaleesa standards). References can be a professor or a family member whose children the applicant has looked after in the past in addition to former employers or colleagues.

Once the applicant has received at least two scores of 2 (out of 3) on both of his or her reference interviews, she or he undergoes an interview with a Jaleesa staff member, assessed according to the same rubrics. If they pass this portion of the onboarding process, we create a profile for them and they appear on the Jaleesa babysitters page.

Our training includes certification in First Aid and child CPR, from the Lebanese Red Cross

3) Jaleesa induction training

We have developed Jaleesa’s induction training in consultation with Jaleesa parents, educators, and medical professionals with the goal of preparing child carers to be competent, fun babysitters who are prepared in case of an emergency. The training comprises three principal portions: 1) an introduction to Jaleesa and its values; 2) a child development module developed with education specialists LEAPS; and 3) training in First Aid and CPR, certificated by the Lebanese Red Cross.

Jaleesa babysitters are trained in child development

4) One-on-one assessment with child psychologist

In the future, our trainings will include a one-on-one assessment with a child psychologist to verify that the babysitter is well-equipped for their role.

If you have any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to call Stephanie on +961 76 817 019.