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Q: I already have my family and a housekeeper. Why should I book a Jaleesa babysitter?

A: Jaleesa sitters are security checked, insured and trained as child carers. They are trained in activities to stimulate your kids and help them develop. When you book for the first time, we ask you to fill in a questionnaire telling us your discipline rules, the kids’ diet, and what activities you would like our sitters to undertake. They arrive at your home fresh, energised and ready to give your family an excellent educational and nurturing experience.

We all know how stressful it can be when your child care plans fall through at the last moment. Our database of sitters can be at your door within hours (or less) – with no need to ask family members at short notice, or disrupt your household routine.

Q: What if I want to meet a babysitter before leaving her alone with my kids?

A: We’re happy to arrange meetings between parents and sitters. If you have questions, live chat with us on this site, or contact us by email enquiries@jaleesa.co / call or Whatsapp +961 76 651 209.

Q: How do I pay for my Jaleesa babysitter?

A: You can pay online using our convenient and secure payment gateway. Payments must be received in advance of your babysitting session.

Q: I love my Jaleesa babysitter! Can I arrange for her to come every week?

A: Of course! Let us know and we’ll arrange it with her. Our team will make sure both you and the sitter have insurance and that expectations are clear from both sides – and if your sitter is sick or has to travel, we will make sure you have a replacement sitter in no time.

Q: Can I tip my babysitter?

A: We manage the payment process via our website, to make sure that all expectations are clear from both sides. Our babysitters are paid bi-weekly by us, and do not accept tips.

Q: How does Jaleesa vet its babysitters?

A: Jaleesa has a four-step security process. Our security checks beat industry standards in the US and the European Union. First we require each sitter to present her passport and a sajel 3adle from the Internal Security Forces (a document certifying she has not committed any crimes in Lebanon). We then verify the information she has provided and check references from people for whom she has worked in the past. Thirdly, we are developing a system for sitters to undergo an assessment from a child psychologist, and finally, we will train all our sitters in First Aid, emergency response, hygiene and child behaviour management.

Q: Can my sitter pick up my kids from daycare and take them home?

A: Many of our sitters have cars and are licensed to drive, so shuttle service from daycare to home can be arranged.

Q: I’ve booked from 6-10pm but I’m going to be home later than that. Will the sitter stay until I get there?

A: There is a 20 minute grace period, but if you get home after 10:20 you will be charged 1.5 times the agreed amount for every half hour you’re late. So, if you get home at 11:20, you’ll be charged for three half-hour increments, at 1.5 times the normal rate. If you are using a bundle or package, that’s fine – these hours will be deducted from your package at 1.5 times the normal rate.

Q: I don’t live in Beirut– can I still hire a Jaleesa babysitter?

A: We already have some sitters outside Beirut, and are adding new sitters all the time. Use the search bar on our homepage to see all the areas we serve, or tell us your email address and location and we’ll keep you updated (drop us a line at enquiries@jaleesa.co or Whatsapp us on +961-76-651-209).

Q: How much is a Jaleesa babysitter?

A: Our standard hourly rate is $15 per hour.

You can save up to 25% on this rate by buying our bundles and packages. We offer special rates for a fixed price monthly subscription, or buy pay-as-you go bundles of 6-12 hours.

Our sitters are ethically recruited, vetted, trained and matched to your family’s needs. Jaleesa sitters will arrive at your home well briefed and ready to offer your children an educational and nurturing experience.

Q: Is Jaleesa a for-profit business?

A: Jaleesa is a social impact business. For every hour of childcare purchased via this site, we subsidize an hour of childcare for an underprivileged or refugee family. While many of our babysitters are young professionals and students, we also aim to recruit 1 in 4 of our sitters from disadvantaged backgrounds. We conceived Jaleesa as a way to help families in Lebanon access great childcare, while also creating employment for women from underprivileged communities.

Q: Do you have any job opportunities within your team?

A: We are recruiting all the time for babysitters and child carers! Fill in our online form to apply. Other job opportunities will be advertised via the homepage of this website. Other job opportunities will be advertised on our job page, and on our Facebook page.

Q: What are your terms of use and privacy policy?

A: Please find these documents at the following links: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

Don’t see your question? Feel free to reach out at any time via email (enquiries@jaleesa.co) or phone (+961 76 651 209).