I have a positive nature. I am punctual, patient and energetic. I'm a child at heart so I enjoy participating in all kinds of children's activities.
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Achrafiyeh / Gemmayzeh / Mar Mikhael, Ras Beirut, South Beirut
Arabic, English
Ages newborn-10
Light cooking, Light cleaning, Homework help, Language instruction (Arabic), Language instruction (English), Reading lessons
2:00 PM Monday Start 2:30 PM Monday Start 3:00 PM Monday Start 3:30 PM Monday Start 4:00 PM Monday Start 4:30 PM Monday Start 5:00 PM Monday Start 5:30 PM Monday Start 6:00 PM Monday Start 6:30 PM Monday Start 7:00 PM Monday Start 7:30 PM Monday Start 8:00 PM Monday Start 8:30 PM Monday Start 9:00 PM Friday Start 8:00 AM Friday Start 8:30 AM Friday Start 9:00 AM Friday Start 9:30 AM Friday Start 10:00 AM Friday Start 10:30 AM Friday Start 11:00 AM Friday Start 11:30 AM Friday Start 12:00 PM Friday Start 12:30 PM Friday Start 1:00 PM Friday Start 1:30 PM Friday Start 2:00 PM Friday Start 2:30 PM Friday Start 3:00 PM Friday Start 3:30 PM Friday Start 4:00 PM Friday Start 4:30 PM Friday Start 5:00 PM Friday Start 5:30 PM Friday Start 6:00 PM Friday Start 6:30 PM Friday Start 7:00 PM Friday Start 7:30 PM Friday Start 8:00 PM Friday Start 8:30 PM Friday Start 9:00 PM
I enjoy playing volleyball and being in the outdoors. I have an eight year old sister who I enjoy spending time with.
Their innocence and how they put a smile on my face. I love how children are honest and they quickly bounce back to their cheerful playful self.
My favorite childhood memory was when I travelled to Australia to see my grandparents. We made the best of every day that passed.
I come from a large extended family, therefore I have an abundant of cousins. I have babysat for some of them and even until present, I assist them with their homework when needed. As a big sister to an eight year old, I am always on call to babysit. In addition, I have babysat my friend's cousin.
I love reading books to kids. I also enjoy singing to and with them. I always try to find an activity that is suited to their personality, and educational at the same time.